Build critical applications to streamline business processes.

With sterlo, build enterprise-grade critical applications using our no-code app builder platform. Rapidly create custom business software using your data and without code, which guarantees your team's appreciation. Utilize the potential of no-code app development and automate business processes, workflow management and automation for multiple teams and organization in an enterprise company and achieve your digital transformation goals.

sterlo effortlessly adapts to various platforms and screen sizes as they are agnostic, which helps your team customize limitlessly with app maker. Empower your team to be a part of the web app development process, harness your app developers to build enterprise-grade application on-the-fly.

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How sterlo works?

Develop enterprise-grade applications of your choice with our simple drag-and-drop interface. Develop customized apps to achieve your unique goals. Unleash your team’s creativity and transform your business without any need for coding.

Create custom apps for your business requirements.

Create custom apps for your business requirements.

Our co-pilot app builder allows you to go from development to deployment in just minutes. Collect important and structured data by placing forms, documents, barcodes, locations, and signatures at your fingertips. Modify the User Experience Design and branding of your choice. Manage users effectively with role-based security, authentication, and use reports.

Workflow automation

With simple steps create a form and automate custom workflows without coding and deploy on-the-go. Streamline business processes and enable teams to unlock a new levels of potency. Improve efficiency and productivity with organized workflow management In-built Document Management System to optimize the approvals and clearances.

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sterlo app - data-integration

Technology integration

Fortify with multiple integration of your in-house applications, third party tools, external data sources and much more. Single point dynamic API enables you to connect and integrate. Simpler and better. Take complete control of your data with both On-premise and cloud deployment aligning to your needs

Sterlo offers an extensive range of features.

Create Complex Workflows

Create complex workflows and automate processes with minimal effort. Simpler and better with sterlo simplifying complex task flows with minimal app developers. Stay ahead of your competitors by optimizing productivity with a personalized workflow. Achieve more by simplifying. Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Unlock this reality with sterlo no-code app builder.

Organize and Access Files

Powerful document management system acts as a central hub for all your documents. Organize and manage multi-tier approvals and documentations. Analyze the usage of documents in your organization. Maintain easy access to your business-critical files and documents. Elevate governance and seamless collaboration in your team.

Manage Multiple Environments

Enable your team to deploy and manage web apps on various platforms. Device agnostic. Enjoy unparalleled performance with limitless scalability and integrations. Being flexible allows for uninterrupted experimentation. Unleash your team synergy with more collaborations in an organized structure and harness the true potential of your team.

Instant One-Click Deployment

Deploy business critical web apps on-the-fly in minutes. App deployment with sterlo is hassle-free, allowing business teams to focus on their core competencies. sterlo's web app maker is designed to furnish you with powerful solutions in a simpler way, without code.

Dynamic Real-time Preview

sterlo enables you to make on-the-go adjustments and improvements. Preview and observe changes as you design and develop web app. Customize your app's appearance to perfectly match your brand. With instant feedback and real-time adjustments, the app development process becomes faster and more accurate, enterprise wide.

Robust On-Premise Assistance

Take control of your data security with on-premise support. Ensure a secure digital foundation and protect your sensitive data. We guarantee the security of your sensitive business information for seamless operations. Innovate without limitations, assured by us.

Enhance functionality with valuable data

Boost functionality with multiple integrated data sources in your web application. Better insights with data-driven web app to improve business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Limitless possibilities to enhance and grow with sterlo no-code app development platform.


Interactive software that lives on the web known as web applications, or web apps, are developed specifically, to be run on a browser. It is accessible on the internet through any device web browser.

Web applications are extensively utilized in diverse sectors and are gaining popularity because they can be accessed from any location and on any device.

sterlo minimizes coding, reduces costs, and allows your team to focus on high-level tasks. sterlo is the quickest way to start web application development. they can be accessed from any location and on any device.

Yes, sterlo has PWA feature. Progressive Web is built and lives on the web, which has Native App Features and capabilities. Capabilities like Push notifications, device hardware enabler and importantly they can be installed in your mobile phones and other devices.

A perfect web application not only produces outcomes but is also user-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. The right methodology or platform is crucial when developing it.

Quicker and more affordable to develop than native mobile apps. Web apps are usually more secure and can be easily maintained and upgraded. Compatible with browsers on any device. Web applications can be accessed via web browsers.

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