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9 votes

Modal Popup

It is Possible that I can create a custom modal with dynamic values, If I click on the values in the modal then I need to update a particular state with the value which user clicks.

8 votes

Step counter sensor integration

Looking for A Review of Measurement Considerations and Health-Related Applications by Step Counting. Enable Step Counting provision in sterlo.

7 votes

Vector Icon Library

Looking for a Vector Icon Font awesome icon. Is there any provision to add an Icon as the same as Font awesome?

8 votes

Mobile biometric access control

Have a requirement to develop a personal expense app, For authentication I need a biometric option.

7 votes

Control Template and Grouping

I don’t want to create a single-page layout from start to finish whenever I need to. Instead, I like to use it multiple times once I have made it. So, I’d want you to add the option of component grouping and template creation.

8 votes


I need to keep track of a large data set in a scrollable list. I’d want you to introduce the built-in functionality such as horizontal and vertical scrolling.

8 votes

Web Application

I have a great idea to start my own business and thought of creating an app for it. But, in less time, I’d like to turn my idea into a fully functional digital product. So, I strongly recommend improving your platform for creating web applications.

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8 votes

Progressive Web Application(PWA)

I want to develop an app that will fit any device screen size without any compromise on native–app qualities. So it would be better for me if you could add the PWA functionality.

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