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How it works?

No need to start from scratch every time! Create apps
for any use case, from simple to complex, without writing a line of code.

Power of sterlo you should know

Page Designer

Design user interface with drag and drop components. Select app
design template from our library, which suits your requirement. With our app development tool build complex and critical logics for your mobile app.

Enable business team to design workflows with our low-code app builder which needs no coding expertise and create powerful native mobile apps without any coding skills. Move to market faster with our pre-configured frameworks, modules, logic and templates. Build mobile apps faster with existing team. Save time and effort with sterlo.

sterlo - page designer
sterlo - smartcoder

Logic Builder

Create custom workflows with our Smartcode Technology. Custom automation based
on events and transactions can be done in low-code. Push and Pull data between multiple data source and build powerful logic for your mobile app. Equip business teams with the ability to easily drive your projects and decrease turn-around time.

Data Integration through Connector

Integrate seamlessly and connect all your data sources through visual
data modeling. Zero-to-No technical expertise is required. Have control over your data assets and configure data integration. Effortless data management and deliver a top-quality user experience in just few clicks.

sterlo - Data Integration through Connector

Why sterlo?

No external dependencies

sterlo requires zero external hardware and software from developing to deploying mobile apps. Minimize compatibility issues and elevate your app deployment journey.

Download Source Code

Achieve freedom by owning the source code of your project. Explore and create professional-grade native app without restrictions.

Enhance your iOS app's market presence

Get your .ipa file for easier iOS distribution. Freedom to customize and achieve rapid results. Eliminate Xcode or a Mac to build the .ipa file. Speed up the way to take your app to market!

Android Studio

Get your .aab file for future customization. Upgrade your app on-the-fly.

How Cutz increased its customer base using sterlo

Salon and spa service providers need apps to promote their business online and provide high-quality services. The idea of our Cutz app is to pamper the customers with the best services, which came true with the help of sterlo. It facilitates better appointment management and improves administrative services.


Currently, sterlo only provides source code in React Native. We are actively working on it and anticipate its release by mid-2023.

Source code is automatically generated when building apps in sterlo. Here are the steps you need to follow: Open your App -> Go to App Settings -> Select Source Code Download Option -> Click on Download.

sterlo is leveraging the power of React Native version 0.61.5 to develop high-quality apps with minimal effort.

sterlo provides a selection of custom packages in its Asset Library. If you need additional packages, please submit a support request including package details. Our technical team inspects the package on a priority basis, and once it passes the vulnerability test, it will be attached to your workspace (public or private).

We currently do not offer the ability to import any UI from Figma/Sketch into sterlo.

It is not possible to upload a custom source code for an app as the system is unable to understand the coding logic created by the developer. But you can manually update the code of any apps you develop in sterlo.

You can’t define components directly in sterlo. But you can group the components as a template and reuse them whenever you want.

The debug version of the build size typically goes up to 29 MB, which includes all component library references. We are actively working to optimize this size by removing unused libraries from page design and expect to release the update soon.

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