Experience 10x Faster Mobile App Development with sterlo

sterlo is a low-code platform to visually create mobile apps free of vendor lock-in and third-party dependencies, and to download source code.

App Design with Visual Builder

Create app designs quickly and effortlessly with the all-in-one visual builder. Get full control of the UX/UI aspects and place all components easily with our intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Accelerate design workflows, granting business teams complete control over the user experience.

App Development with Template Manager

No need to reinvent the wheel when the same features come up again and again. Create new templates or clone existing ones to jumpstart your app development journey! Save your business team time and effort with pre-designed frameworks.


Data Integration through Connector

Connect all your data sources seamlessly via visual data modeling. Swiftly establish data connections and take complete control of your data assets. Liberate business teams from intricate coding and facilitate smooth data management.

Business Logic Implementation with Smart Code

No manual coding or technical expertise required! Just use the Smart Code to visually design UI & business logic in a few clicks and gain control over all app events. The unique feature of sterlo is that it scripts React JS at the backend for future retrievals. Give business teams the ability to drive functionality with ease!


App Deployment with Zero External Dependencies

Forget worrying about software and hardware dependencies. Build and deploy apps that run on any device without any external support. To publish, all you have to do is a single click. Simplify your deployment workflow while reaching a wider audience. Everything is automated at the backend!


React Native Source Code Download

With the freedom to operate at heart, sterlo lets you be on your own after downloading the app source code. No more hassle of owning the source code, just build and take away. Create a thriving business ecosystem without restrictions!


Get the .ipa file with one click and seamlessly navigate the iOS distribution. Achieve rapid results and enhance your iOS app's market presence. Speed up the way to take a product to market!

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Take the .aab file with you and get future customization in your hands. Upgrade your app whenever you want to rule the Android app market!

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Frequently asked questions

Currently, sterlo only provides source code in React Native. We are actively working on it and anticipate its release by mid-2023.

Source code is automatically generated when building apps in sterlo. Here are the steps you need to follow: Open your App -> Go to App Settings -> Select Source Code Download Option -> Click on Download.

sterlo is leveraging the power of React Native version 0.61.5 to develop high-quality apps with minimal effort.

sterlo provides a selection of custom packages in its Asset Library. If you need additional packages, please submit a support request including package details. Our technical team inspects the package on a priority basis, and once it passes the vulnerability test, it will be attached to your workspace (public or private).

We currently do not offer the ability to import any UI from Figma/Sketch into sterlo.

It is not possible to upload a custom source code for an app as the system is unable to understand the coding logic created by the developer. But you can manually update the code of any apps you develop in sterlo.

You can’t define components directly in sterlo. But you can group the components as a template and reuse them whenever you want.

The debug version of the build size typically goes up to 29 MB, which includes all component library references. We are actively working to optimize this size by removing unused libraries from page design and expect to release the update soon.