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Transform concepts into enterprise-grade applications and dashboards. Immaculate platform built for enterprises that leaps their capability threshold.


sterlo, a ‘true enterprise’ no-code platform

Complex development made simple with easy form builder, dynamic API for hassle free integration, smart-code for code-less workflow automation.

What can you attain with sterlo?

Internal Applications

sterlo enables rapid application development with its high-performance no-code builder. Create impactful tools to manage approvals, tasks and document management.


An organization with multiple levels of users works like a symphony in motion. Now you can bring in all your vendors, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders into this synchronized ecosystem.

Connect with your existing systems

sterlo can connect with all your existing systems dynamically and bridge the functional gaps. Customize each process section and elevate your capabilities.

Functional Business Systems

Create functional organisational systems, such as enterprise resource planning, combined with our automation technologies to digitally transform your organisation.

Features of a true enterprise solution

Multiple Organizations

One User, One License, for multiple organizations in an enterprise.

On-premise deployment

Hybrid option to deploy on-premise and on cloud. Complete freedom on your data.

Tiered pricing structure

Choose multiple levels of user licenses for your organization based on your requirements and overcome the hurdle of overpaying with a forced upgrade for users who do not require it, thereby avoiding partial digital transformation.

Various use cases that we offer

sterlo is the intersecting point of innovation and endless possibilities. The success stories of our customers are our pride. The sterlo users attained outstanding results and enhanced productivity in app development projects. sterlo serves a diverse range of needs, from mobile/web app developers to innovative indviduals. Our customers are our top priority. The transformative impact of sterlo on app development journeys is shown by success stories. Join us on a journey to uncover how sterlo has revolutionized workflows, boosted productivity, and delivered outstanding results for businesses and individuals in diverse industries.

How Ainqa developed a modern solution to traditional healthcare

Healthcare providers can improve the quality of their services and encourage patients to engage in self-management activities through apps. With the help of sterlo, we developed Ainqa software to improve the overall health of patients. It allows patients to schedule appointments, review prescriptions, and interact with doctors via video call for online diagnosis.

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How Tactive used sterlo to manage everything

Construction companies can boost their business productivity by implementing ERP software solutions. We have developed Tactive Software System using the sterlo framework to manage construction projects. It facilitates project management activities, improves construction planning, and speeds up the project completion...Learn More

How sterlo helped URC to boost productivity and profitability

Construction firms need apps to get a complete picture of their finances, maintain equipment, and coordinate operations across HR, back-office, and transportation departments. We have...Learn More

How Olirum Erodu eradicates child malnutrition with the help of sterlo

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What our customer say?

What customers love about sterlo

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sterlo is the no-code platform for all your
enterprise solutions.

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Meet our happy users.

sterlo is a versatile tool which gives options to create applications for web and mobile. Our team integrated sterlo with multiple data sources (ERP/Tools/Existing Databases) and managed the integration with very easy and simple functions.

sterlo is one of the platform that supports "Enterprise" wide deployment with their unique pricing model. Sterlo pricing model is suitable for enterprises to implement the tool company-wide, as they have tier pricing based on the user's requirements to use the tool.
Krishnakumar T
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sterlo lets you build and deploy applications for all the organizations in a group of companies. If you have more than one company under the parent group, sterlo allows you to build applications and deploy the applications for the pertaining companies without procuring an additional creator license for each of the companies. This saves a lot of cost and is practical for an IT team to handle the applications of an entire group of companies.
Joshua S
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Sterlo is user friendly and has all the required features to implement for an enterprise company. Learning curve is minimal and sterlo offers On-Premise deployment Integration of existing ERP/Apps/dashboards and tools is very simple and agile in sterlo. Cloud Agnostic and Device Agnostic. A brilliant No-Code SAAS platform in the market.
Mona H
★ ★ ★ ★ ★