Attain end-to-end Business Process Automation with No-Code

internal applications

Complex automations made simple with sterlo

Automate tasks, approvals, document sharing, alerts and triggers, escalations and much more for your entire enterprise. Complete digital transformation and automate processes of all departments, teams and external ecosystems in a synchronized flow.

Robotic Process Automation with sterlo

Eliminate the repetitive tasks and reclaim best use of your team's cognitive abilities. Build software “robots” that can be easily configured to trigger responses, manipulate data, and communicate with other digital systems. Use cases range from tasks as simple as generating an auto-reply message to a complex workflow.

Build BPM visually using smart-code technology

Develop mission-critical process automations drag-and-drop components enabling process owners without technical expertise to code. Process owners are the proof of concepts, equipping process owners to build automations is the game-changing act every enterprise needs.

Fast-paced approvals

Set approvals based on each transaction, roles, and processes. Eliminate red-tapism on approvals with automated mail, document, reports triggered with thresholds sand accelerate growth.

Point of aggregation

Accumulate data flow from various transactions based on each process and gather data to view at a single point.

Govern and drive team collaboration

Specify tasks and roles for teams to avoid haphazard and drive collaboration to exceed the potential of the team.

Why sterlo for RPA?