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How Tactive used sterlo to manage everything

Construction companies can boost their business productivity by implementing ERP software solutions. We have developed Tactive Software System using the sterlo framework to manage construction projects. It facilitates project management activities, improves construction planning, and speeds up the project completion lifecycle.

How sterlo helped URC to boost productivity and profitability

Construction firms need apps to get a complete picture of their finances, maintain equipment, and coordinate operations across HR, back-office, and transportation departments. We have developed the best ERP solution for our construction company using the sterlo platform to automate back-office tasks and streamline field operations.

How Olirum Erodu eradicates child malnutrition with the help of sterlo

In the healthcare industry, there is a high demand for better data capturing technologies. With the help of the sterlo team, we developed the Waatta Sattam app to combine medical data from multiple sources and break down data silos. It helps to collect BMI measurement data from children and creates a dynamic data center for analysis to improve childcare.

How Ainqa developed a modern solution to traditional healthcare

Healthcare providers can improve the quality of their services and encourage patients to engage in self-management activities through apps. With the help of strelo, we developed Ainqa software to improve the overall health of patients. It allows patients to schedule appointments, review prescriptions, and interact with doctors via video call for online diagnosis.

How Ajax created a centralized solution to manage all operations

Any enterprise that wants to integrate various processes into a single system needs SAP. Using sterlo, we have created the purchase order approval app and integrated it with the SAP system. It also enables easy tracking with real-time notifications and extensive displays.

How Cutz increased its customer base using sterlo

Salon and spa service providers need apps to promote their business online and provide high-quality services. The idea of our Cutz app is to pamper the customers with the best services, which came true with the help of sterlo. It facilitates better appointment management and improves administrative services.

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