What’s new in sterlo this time? Geometric Shapes for Designing App Screens

Adding new features to design your app

We believe in bringing new technology to the table in order to create unique solutions. Our no-code mobile app development platform allows you to build apps faster than using traditional development methods.

Our team at sterlo is continually thinking about how we might improve the design experience. This is because we care about our customers, and we have direct experience with many of these issues. Since the introduction of shapes, we’ve been able to speed up, make the design process more interactive, and even automate the process. This frees up more time for you to focus on doing the best you can — creation.

Why introduce?

Nowadays, mobile app design is referred to as UI/UX design. Even a simple design needs meticulous attention to detail. UI/UX design is easier to use but more challenging to create. To break the challenges, we have added shapes feature to our platform. It’s designed for everyone, not just mobile app designers, and as a result, anyone can easily produce top-notch designs. There’s no need to look for design tools or be a UI developer! Let’s use sterlo for everything.

sterlo Designed- Energy Life Mobile App

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End-user must have a happy experience for apps to succeed. This has a direct bearing on your user interface and other visual design aspects. People will be drawn to your mobile app if it has a good design.

Do you have a better app idea? Great! This is the perfect time to start building an app without using code.

Designing a mobile app can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be in sterlo.

The success of almost any digital project is determined by its user interface design. We understand the value of design consistency; we also appreciate fresh ideas. So, we have introduced design features to help you spend less time designing the app. It makes app development easier, quicker, and more effective than ever before. Now creating apps on sterlo is as simple as ordering pizza!

Shape: It’s an important factor

Without shape, you can’t have a User Interface (UI). Buttons, frames, text fields, and almost everything else you see on a screen are usually presented in some form. Consistent shape support on our platform makes it easy for developers to use and alter the shape across apps.

Check out our documentation to start designing your app without the help of a UI designer.

Start here to create a pixel-perfect design app, as shown above.

We have two high-level goals in mind when building this feature:

  • Bringing shape support to our platform- Allows everyone to improve their app design using shapes.
  • Avoid looking for UI developers- Everyone can bring up the final design of their app as they imagine it to be.

We have updated the feature set, so everyone can go and start building your app. It is ideal for novices because it has a drag-and-drop interface that does not require coding.  

Developers who work at sterlo know that every click is unique. Small modifications might often have a major influence on a creative flow. We’ve put up a list of recent upgrades to help bridge the gap between concept and design.

  • Everything we perceive is made up of shapes such as Lines, Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Ovals, and Triangles. Our platform uses these shapes as a constructive tool that allows designers to design app pages and interact visually with their users.
  • Smaller or Bigger? Manipulate vector shapes- drag its edges and place them where you want them by moving the cursor.
  • Shape Resizer- Adjust the width and height of the shape by defining a numeric value.
  • Top? Right? Bottom? Left? Set the style, width, and color of an element’s border.
  • Notion of movement- Make a continuous movement of the shape the way you want.
  • Display elevation- Change the appearance of the image using different UI components.

Everyone thinks that design is never a one-man show. But we broke these ideas and proved that design is a way to show off one’s unique abilities.

Get complete design control with sterlo. Here you can create pixel-perfect designs using shapes and make apps that look great on all devices.

App designed in sterlo

Source: We’ve taken UI apps design samples from Pinterest and recreated them using our no-code mobile app development platform.

Modern and customizable frameworks for mobile apps are being developed over time. Real-time features are provided to enhance the user experience. Businesses want to build apps that focus on the user experience and retain existing customers.

Companies are focusing on interactive apps that may assist them in learning about user expectations and bridging the gaps between customer demand and corporate offerings. A successful mobile app eliminates consumer pain points, is clear and succinct, and makes the product enjoyable to use.

Do you want to transform your business idea into reality, increase sales and improve your business? We make things simple for you.

There are many possibilities for creating the perfect UI. But sterlo is an easy-to-use no-code mobile app development tool that allows both newbie and experienced designers to focus on doing better: app design.

Get off your specs, and make your ideas pixel-perfect design. Stop waiting and start making something!

Design and develop once, then deploy on android and iOS devices using sterlo. To get the best results, combine the right message with a great design.

We will continue to improve the design of your app, provide even more support and bring more complex shapes in the future. With sterlo, you can break the code barrier and become a UI developer without any technical knowledge.

Hope you’re getting ready to make some creative app designs using shapes!