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Document Management System

Are you fishing for documents in the ocean of unorganized files? Simplify and digitize this process in a single platform instead of depending on multiple obsolete websites. Collect, set placeholders, authorize with e-signatures, convert formats and edit pdfs without sacrificing the quality of the document.

Task Management System

Eliminate stacking calendars, reminders and missing deadlines. Use the task management system to manage your tasks for you, prioritize, define, share it to the team or individually and reuse it on recurring events.


Maintain a clean track record of the entries and evxits of employees, third party visitors and vendors with authorized access to the office to control congestion, monitor the attendance and timings of employees via mobile applications.

Gate pass

Don’t go through hours and hours of security footage to find missing goods, retain the list of returnable and non returnable possessions of employees and clients along with accurate timestamps and e-signature for complete verification.


Terminate the risk of arriving late to meetings and avoid the hassle of locating parking spots. Ensure smooth traffic flow and eliminate the inconvenience of waiting during busy hours. Maintain each vehicle's statistics and parking duration.

Service request

Request any file, document, equipment or even hot beverages and use service request to allocate workflow to employees promptly. This system helps streamline communication and ensures that all requests are addressed in a timely manner.

Claim Management

Note down all operational expenditures with accurate bill scans and aids in the superfast and easy transactions of client, employee or third party settlements.Offer dynamic employee reimbursement while rapidly tracking segmentation of bills.

Courier Management

Route management, parcel tracking, delivery person information and time stamps, allocation of courier recipients, convenient availability tracking– anything you can name, we can deliver with ease! Avoid losing and stacking mails starting today!


More Features

Visiting card management

Scan visiting cards and automatically decipher and store names, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses and sync them with other mail apps as well as contacts. Store endless cards filtered by time or priority and share client details to the team in an instant!

Meeting Management

Jot down minutes of the meeting– in seconds, by reducing external notes and keeping important details along with timestamps, personnel details, important deadlines and get a collaborative trigger email to all members of the meeting to stay on top of tasks.

Expense Management

Give your finance team their long due vacation and trace miscellaneous spendings, audit petty cash, connect debit or credit cards and track transaction history by leveraging a portable tally keeper. Searching for particular spendings based on time, vendor, client or amount made easy.

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